About the Aircraft

Heliops EC120B Jetcopters

The EC120B is light, fast and agile.  It can cruise all day at 130MPH and land in confined off-airport locations where larger machines are unable to go.   City, country, airport, helipad, yacht … the EC120B can handle all of these.

This “new design” helicopter has a safe, enclosed tail-rotor that also contributes to making this the quietest light helicopter in the world.

Because we frequently fly over water to the Cape & Islands, the Heliops EC120B is fitted with emergency flotation and certified passenger inflatable life vests. Our EC120B is also equipped with on-board weather, electronic traffic information, and dual GPS navigation systems.

The quiet VIP cabin is climate controlled and all passenger seats face forward for a spectacular view. The huge baggage compartment is larger than in most 5, 6 & 7 passenger helicopters. There is plenty of room for light luggage for 4 passengers or international travel bags for 2-3 passengers.

The pilots love the EC120B and you will too.


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